Status of OpenDX with GTK+

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The development steps of the project:
  • DX server
    • Separate handling of the DX server and its GUI. (80%)
    • Understand most of the code. (30%)
    • Preserve software and openGL rendering. I am removing out all other rendering modes. I think they are not relevant.
      (90% - Both renderings are working. Clean-up is required. OpenGL implementation must be be cleaned. It is messy.)
    • Develop several hundred test cases for the code base. Check coverage of the code. (0%)
    • Perform static analysis of code and perform memory checks. (0%)
    • Larger memory handling. More than 2 GB. (10%)
    • 64 bit capable code. (10%)
    • Multi-threaded execution. (20%)
  • DX Graphical User Interface
    • Integrate with new DX server and GTK+. (0%)
    • Implement all or most of its original feature. (40%)
      I have some initial success. See the Screenshots.
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