Reasons behind OpenDX with GTK+

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My reasons to start this project:
  • The program has a beautiful concept which I would like to preserve. It is similar to Labview, it uses the visual programming paradigm and it is quite easy to develop new visualisations in the OpenDX environment.
  • I am aware of other visualisation toolkits:
  • I am aware of other attempts to revive OpenDX:
  • Bitrot. As there are other visualisation toolkits, sooner or later the program will not work and it will loose its significance if no update and development is done with it!
  • The program should be a multi-platform program not restricted to X Window.
  • I chose GTK+ as a GUI platform, because GTK+ was initially implemented on X Window and it preserved this inheritance so far. This makes it easier to modify the original code of OpenDX. For example the setup mechanisms and function calls are similar in GTK+ as in X Window. The use of Qt would have been too difficult at this stage as Qt is using a very different concept for GUI. Furthermore with GTK+ I can run the program natively on Linux and Windows.
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